Blogging or Bragging

For the last six months I have been debating over whether or not to start this blog. Sometimes I feel that blogs are all “me, me, me”. A way for people to brag to the world. A public forum in which to toot one’s horn. Well, maybe for some, but as I have been reading others blogs I find I enjoy it. I realized that most people just want to share their thoughts and experiences. So I figure why not put my two cents out there; not to brag, but to share.
I love to write. I have always been a writer. From the first story I dictated to my mom as she typed on her typewriter (it was about a cow), to the “daydreams” I would write in notes to entertain friends in junior high, to my college writing class, to my recent journaling and blogging. If nothing else it is a way to improve my writing skills and think about more than changing diapers, cleaning the kitchen and how tired I am from the chronic lack of sleep that plagues all mothers.
So if the only person who reads this is my mom, I am good with that. I write for me. If others enjoy it than that is just a perk.
I want this to be a blog about writing and about books – two of my greatest joys and passions. When something sticks in my head, tumbles through the cogs of thought and becomes a refined piece of interest I will write it here. When I read a book, which I do constantly, I will write what I thought about it.
This is My Zen of Writing, a phrase coined by the author, Ray Bradbury. A place of creativity and expression. A place for words to come together to mean more than the sum of their parts. Truly, my zen.
Enjoy! I know I will.


3 thoughts on “Blogging or Bragging

  1. Awesome Teri! I feel the same way…I love to write (even though I'm not the best at it) so my blog is a fun thing me for to do, a hobby, and if other people decide to read it too that's fine but its more for me than anything. As for the bragging, anyone that knows you knows your blog won't be a braggy one…we've all seen those…blah :). I love the idea of your blog and can't wait to read more!

  2. I think the blog thing is wonderful! It would have been a nice outlet for us older moms back in the day. Gee, maybe one of these days I'll do a blog. Better still…Kaye, Lori, and I could do one—the Life and Times of middle-agedness through the eyes of the Haslam girls or some such thing. Do you think a lot of people would want to read it? Here are some of my ideas. We could make it an advice blog. For example,"tips on cleaning the toilet" and other interesting tidbits. And we could have a mother-in-law section that I'm sure our son-in-laws would log into everyday for our sound advice and wisdom! Do you think a cooking blog would be interesting for people to read since my sisters and I love cooking so much and are the BEST COOKS EVER because we find no greater joy than slaving away at the sink and counter all day? I could share my "tuna loaf" or "sloppy joe" recipe. OK, I will confess! I have always wanted to do a fashion blog—"Fashion for our Times." I would model and show how other 50-somethings can be very stylish in a button down all cotton shirt and women's dockers. Not to be forgotten would be the sensible flat shoes in a color that goes with every outfit in one's closet. Let's see. Any other suggestions? After further thought, it would probably be best to leave the blogging to the young and creative. I would forget to write on it anyway!

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