Tomatoes. An odd subject for a blog post? Perhaps, but tomatoes happen to be one of my very favorite things. Most of my favorite foods feature tomatoes, pastas, bruschettas, sandwiches, salsas, etc. In fact, it’s a life long love affair. One that I was prompted to think about a couple weeks ago as the kids and I sat outside on one of the first perfectly pleasant days of fall. The kids decided to pick some of the few remaining tomatoes from our garden. They lined their little treasures up on our back steps and as the thick, slanting late afternoon sun washed over them my mind was taken back.
Some of my first memories are of tomatoes. Of our large, muddy garden in the backyard of our Kansas home. Although there were four children and my parents were extremely busy with life they still managed to find time to plant a garden. One that produced beautiful vegetables, despite a few weeds. As I spent most of my childhood outdoors, this garden is a prominent fixture in my memories. Of all the things we planted tomatoes were my favorite. I would check the garden each day, my anticipation tingling, excited for the first hint of red. When it was finally time and I discovered the first round, red globe, I would immediately pluck it and carry it inside to my mom. She would slice it, salt and pepper it. I watched, eager and mouth watering. A perfect lunch, the scrumptious fruit standing alone, in need of little embellishment. I could eat that for every meal all summer long.
This is still something I look forward to each fall. The taste of earthy, sweet tomatoes.
There is something so elemental, so fundamental, so joyous about walking out into my backyard, bare feet in the cool grass, the slightly musty, but pleasant smell of the tomato plant on the air and picking some tomatoes from their vine to bring back inside to eat.
There is truly nothing like garden tomatoes and I already look forward to next years’ harvest.


2 thoughts on “Tomatoes

  1. Oh yum! I love tomatoes and this year was actually my first year ever having a garden. LOVED eating fresh tomatoes that I actually grew all by myself :)By the way, I'm brand new to your blog, LOVE it! Now following you.

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