Fireflies: A Children’s Story

I have always been fascinated by fireflies or lightening bugs, as we called them when I was a kid. It’s really too bad that we don’t have them here in Utah. The following is something I wrote about fireflies, a fun, silly story to tell my kids:

Would you like to know where fireflies came from? And why they blink and glow?

Originally, fireflies lived on the moon, far, far away, high in the sky. And they did not glow or blink. They were just plain, boring bugs.

All these plain bugs would sit on the gray, cold rocks of the moon and look down at Earth, wishing they could escape. They dreamed of lounging in the cool, green grass. They longed to play hide-and-seek in the tall, smooth stalks of the cornfields. They wondered how it would feel to dance on a fragrant, warm summer wind.

One day the bravest and cleverest of the bugs stood and declared that she had a plan. She said they should each catch a falling star and ride it down to Earth. All the bugs stood up and cheered, eager to try.

One by one they flew into the sky and jumped onto a falling star. Holding tight, they rode the stars all the way to Earth. As they rode, the stars grew smaller and smaller, bits and pieces breaking off. Then the heat of speeding through the atmosphere melted the tiny stars to the little bug bottoms.

All the bugs landed safely in a sweet smelling field of grass and wildflowers. They giggled and danced, thrilled the star-ride had worked. They were so excited that at first they did not notice the blinking stars melted to their little rear ends. The bravest and cleverest bug was the first to notice her new star-bottom. It was the most fabulous thing she had ever seen.

So now when you look out into your backyard or walk by a cornfield at night you might see a universe of fireflies. Thousands of tiny star-bottoms lighting the night as the fireflies play hide-and-seek or dance on the wind.

If you’re very careful maybe catch a few in your hands, feel the tickle of their tiny feet and fluttery wings. Put them gently in a tall, glass jar, with holes poked in the lid. Place the jar next to your bed and fall asleep to the blink-blink of your own tiny universe of stars.


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