A Home For My Books

Is it truly possible for someone to know you better than you know yourself? After all, you have known you since the beginning and you can never get away from you. You are in your head all the time and know all there is to know. At least that is what I always assumed before I married Matt. There was a time that I doubted such an intimate feat was possible, but my darling husband repeatedly proves me wrong. If soul mates exists (and being romantically inclined I sure like to think so) than my husband is, without a doubt, mine. It is as if he can sit inside my head and view the world through my eyes, sometimes even seeing things with better clarity than I can.
This Christmas he gave me the most perfect of gifts: a home for my books. It is no secret that I love books (hence this blog) and that I love to buy them, read them , display them. Until this magnificent gift was born my books were stacked haphazardly in, on and around my nightstand, very unorganized and not Pottery-Barn-pretty, as I prefer things. Knowing this, Matt employed his ever expanding skill as a wood craftsman and spent hours, heaped on hours designing and building me this gorgeous hutch. Yes, with his own two, sexy hands. Far, far more than a simple book shelf this piece is my ideal piece of furniture. The bottom cabinets lock to keep curious little fingers from destroying precious journals, scrapbooks and other heirlooms. The top shelves are for my books (notice there is lots of room for all the books I look forward to getting) and for the little knick-knacks I enjoy collecting from all the charming antique and home decor shops I have a habit of haunting. The style is country chic meets craftsman meets antique-y or in other words perfect.
Deep sigh. I want to start crying every time I look at it. In fact, I am having a hard time seeing the screen right now. To think of all the time, energy, effort and thinking that went into this piece makes me love my Matt more and more. Thank you, my honey, for this beautiful home for my books.


7 thoughts on “A Home For My Books

  1. Matt wins the the best husband award. What an awesome gift and what a beautiful cabinet. I'm so glad you have married such a wonderful man – you deserve it!

  2. Wow Teri it is beautiful! I cannot believe Matt built it, if you woudn't have said so I would have thought it came straight from POttery barn. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. i witnessed the making of it, and he bounced idea's off me…. although he didn't need them, I gave my opinion. I am so amazed how he has this amazing gift. you deserve it Teri!

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