Attempted Poetry

Let me just start with one simple fact: I don’t like poetry. I know that is some kind of literary blasphemy, but the truth nonetheless. I rarely read it and most definitely don’t write it. So you can imagine my groan of pain when I received the last writing challenge from my brother, Kenneth and it was a poetry challenge. Grrr. But the whole point of this is to improve our skills and push ourselves. So I did it – groaning the whole time.

Anyway…the task was to write down all the connotations you think or feel about water. Read the list once and then write a quick poem. Leave it alone for a week and then come back. Decide what to keep or leave behind.

So this is my poem on water.

A silky thread moving through the trees.

Drinking in the colors around it,

Not one, but all.

The silver trickle of water over rocks.

Tying the earth together.

Wet Life.


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