First D-News Book Review

I just found out that my first book review for the Deseret News was printed in the Sunday paper (I guess I better subscribe since there is a bit of a delay in letting me know). This one is not on-line, only in print (love that), so here is the review:

Book Review:

Created By: Teri Harman

“Another Whole Nother Story” by Dr. Cuthbert Soup, Bloomsbury, $16.99, 290 pages (f)(ages 9-12)

The Cheesmans are off on a whole ‘nother adventure in “Another Whole Nother Story,” the second book in the series about this unique family.

In this delightful and fast-paced sequel, Mr. Cheeseman, his three smart, polite and relatively odor-free children and, of course, their psychic hairless dog, travel back in time in the LVR, a super-secret time machine invented by Mr. and Mrs. Cheeseman. Their goals: escape the villains who want to take the LVR for nefarious purposes and, more importantly, save their wonderful mother, Mrs. Olivia Cheeseman, who was murdered by one of the more evil of the villains.

The task will not be as easy as they hoped. After crashing in 1668 in the middle of nowhere, they will be accused of witchcraft, sail a stolen pirate ship through a terrible storm, try to end an ancient curse and discover they cannot go back home the way they came.

This is a hilarious and highly entertaining series. The strange but entertaining sequence of events that began in the first book, “A Whole Nother Story,” continues without missing an oddball beat. Dr. Cuthbert Soup is one of the funniest and cleverest of narrators. Each page is a laugh-out-loud, adventurous experience. Readers will love the genuine, quirky and very likable characters.

The series is classified as middle grade fiction (ages 9-12), but will thrill readers of any age. Those who enjoyed the ill-fated but funny escapades of the Lemony Snicket books will not be disappointed with this new series. This is also a great read for young boys looking for adventure and humorous mischief.


One thought on “First D-News Book Review

  1. Teri,I stumbled onto your blog from Diana's blog. Congratulations on your publication. I really love the quote at the top of your page from Kafka. We should try to have a mini-reunion with everybody who is still in Utah this summer. I'd love to meet your family and introduce you to mine. Cheers,Devin P.S. I'd love to get your email address too.

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