Book Review: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Sapphique is the dark and thrilling sequel to the dystopian fantasy novel Incarceron. Incarceron is a living prison, a place of horrid squalor and human suffering. Finn, a prisoner who cannot remember his past, has escaped with the help of the warden’s daughter, Claudia. Finn finds Outside to be a prison of a whole new order, one where he must prove himself to be the rightful heir to the throne, even though he may not believe it himself. While Finn struggles to survive the rules of Protocal, which require everyone to live without techonology, and to remember who he really is, his oathbrother, Keiro and friend, Attia must brave the perils of the prison and find Sapphique’s glove. It may be their only hope for escape, but they will risk the wrath of the Prison to get it.

Readers who loved Fisher’s first book will not be disappointed with this creepy, intelligent offering. There are several unexpected twists and turns in the gripping plot and the ending is bittersweet, but satisfying. The writing is vivid, the descriptions beautiful and often disturbing. I enjoyed every page and very much wish there was going to be a third book, but according to Catherine Fisher’s website she has no plans for a third.


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