Parents – What Are the Roadblocks to Reading in Your Home

Hi all –

I want to know the difficulties, roadblocks, and problems you find when trying to get your kids to read. This information will help me to write pertinent Book Matters articles, but it will also go to help create a survey for the Utah Valley University education department and For the Love of Reading Conference, for which I am a member of the planning committee.

Take just a mintue and comment on this post and tell me what you find diffifcult about promoting reading in your home. And please pass this along to other parents.

Thanks so much!


4 thoughts on “Parents – What Are the Roadblocks to Reading in Your Home

  1. I think reading in the home is difficult sometimes because of the different ages of children and they want different books. Older kids can obviously handle more words and less pictures. So in our house I usually read one or two books to the girls together, but then at night I let Ava pick out books and I read to her alone. It's just difficult to read to both kids together. Tess will scream and try to grab the book, stuff like that. So I guess the roadblocks for me are mostly age and developmental stage. Maybe it will lessen with time though.

  2. I have the hardest time with each child that is on a different level. And when I say level I mean, Harman read at a way more advanced level than Annabelle in Kindergarten. Now, I can send Harman to his room and he'll do his 20 minutes no problem and then some because he loves to read. Annabelle has a harder time reading and I have a hard time finding the extra time to help her. She is doing great but I think the hardest thing is finding the "time" that each child needs individually. Sophi is a whole different category all together that will be interesting to see how it pans out as she progresses. Maybe we'll all learn Brail!!!

  3. I've been thinking on this one, and I have to agree with Marci. It's hard when the kids are on different levels. So what's worked well for us, at least at bedtime, is Cory will read bedtime stories to one while i read to the other, this way we are reading books that they are interested in. As far as reading throughout the day, I think just finding downtime to sit down and read a book is underemphasized (is that a word? πŸ™‚ ) What i mean is, everyone talks about reading at bedtime, which is great, but I am always surprised when I take a minute to just sit down with my kids during the day how much they enjoy it and how it is a nice little relaxing activity. The challenge is finding the time admist our busy schedules to do that. So in a nutshell, making time for reading is a major roadblock. Part of this can be busy schedules, but also a big factor is probably TV. When the kids are bored and restless it's easy to grab for the remote but if i take the time to sit down and read to them they love it, I feel good that i am spending time with them and also creating a good habit, and it's a nice, relaxing activity AND a good thing to take up some time! There's my long, drawn out answer!! Good luck with this study, sounds awesome. Look at you getting all involved in the community with reading, way to go.

  4. as of right now my problem is remembering it is important to start reading to george and make it a habit and routine in his life. every time I take him in for his checkups I see a large poster in the doctors office reminding parents to read to their children just 20 mins a day! It's hard enough to get kids to sit still and find a moment of quite time when other chores and activities need to be done, but I know if I don't start dedicating time to reading now, when he gets older and more siblings come along I might forgo the simple pleasures of reading all together. I have found that in hopes to be better at reading with george (or any baby) that my 20 mins of reading doesn't have to happen all at once, it can be in increments throughout the day. Also, I choose small board books with a short story. I found that these books are what he is most interested in,instead of bigger books that are hard for him to grab or fabric ones that he doesn't care to chew on. if he grabs the book from me before I can finish reading it, I simply just pick up another book and start again. At this point I think it's important that he just hears my voice constantly reading out loud new words. The newest thing I have found that helps us both fill in our reading time is to read the newspaper with him. it's great for both of us, I learn and he gets to hear me read but he also gets the added bonus of ripping apart fun crinkling paper. I hope that little tricks like these will help me continue to make an effort to read to my kids and help them from an early age understand the importance of reading

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