Note on Today’s Column – E-readers should not replace books

First off, thank you so much to everyone who read and commented on this column. The response has been great and very interesting.

I love books and I love them most in their hard copy form. The books I own are my treasures and my most prized possessions. Books are my passion (obviously) and when someone has a passion they hope to share it with others and spread the love.

My intent for today’s column was just that. I want parents (my target audience) to think about the value and impact books have on their children. I know the joy that books brought me when I was a child and I see the joy it now brings my own children. My 1 year old daughter spends a good portion of her day pulling books off the shelf, sitting and looking at them or bringing them to me to read. And my two older children have done the same and now sit and look at books and use them in their play. In fact, right now, my 5 year old daughter has several of her books propped up in her doll house for her Barbies to look at. I don’t think they could have the same experience with an e-reader. So I think parents should be cautious when integrating technology into their homes.

I think e-readers are a fabulous invention that benefit a lot of people. E-readers are valuable for use in the home as well. We are a technology society and its important to use that technology. It will be interesting to see the major studies that will eventually look at the differences between childhood reading on books vs. e-readers. But for now my hope is simply that technology does not push books aside. I have no doubt that I will own an e-reader one day but I will never stop buying books or stop going to the library. Books will always be a major part of my home. And that is my hope for everyone else as well.

Thanks for reading!

To read the original article click here.


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