Review: The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum

There is nothing like a well written, well imagined young adult romance/fantasy to make me ignore everything for a few days. Abby, a senior in high school, has a normal, predictable life: good friends, reliable boyfriend and college applications in the works. But all her normalcy is interrupted when mysterious, gorgeous and Italian, Dante Alexander, shows up. He’s unlike anyone she has ever met and Abby soon discovers that she cannot resist the allure of this mysterious man. But as Abby is swept up in his love she is also pulled into his world of danger and time travel, filled with secrets that reach all the way back into the sixteenth century.

“The Hourglass Door” is an intoxicating read, well worth the time. The time travel component feels fresh and is interesting. The characters are solid, especially Abby and Dante. It felt a little bit reminiscent of Twilight – high school love, guy immortal, girl special, bad guys want her, etc – but much better. The writing is beautifully vivid as well. This is one series I can’t wait to finish.


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