My Handmade Bookshelf

Last week I showed you my kids’ bookshelf, handcrafted by my husband. I must also show you the gorgeous bookshelf/hutch he made for me. So I moved the five loads of clean laundry no one is ever going to fold and snapped these pics.
This amazing piece of furniture – worthy of any Pottery Barn catalog – was completely designed, built and painted by my hubby. Before this, my books were a disastrous mess of piles next to my nightstand, but now…perfection. Not only does it display my precious books and collected items, but, below, in the locked cabinets I can keep all my journals and priceless keepsakes safe from little, destructive children. I have never received a more beautiful, more needed, or more thoughtful Christmas gift. This bookshelf is my favorite thing in our house. I can stand in front of it or sit on my bed, gazing at it and feel instantly happy. It has taken on a radiance, an energy that grows with each book and trinket. Thanks again, perfect husband!

 Hand blown glass owl, affectionately named Mortimor, made by the artists at the Holdman Studio at Thanksgiving Point and hand blown glass ball from Portsmouth, New Hampshire (I love glass blowing – if you look close you can also see a Chihuly book, near the apple plate).

 To-read pile. So many books, so little time.
 That colorful zebra is a handmade candle brought back from Africa by my brother. The purple jewel is an Indian dream catcher my husband had a co-worker bring back from India.
Deep sigh – love it! (and my inadequate photography skills hardly do it justice)

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