Review: Janitors by Tyler Whitesides


Let me just begin with a bit of sixth grade vernacular: This book is so, totally awesome.
Janitors the debut novel by local author Tyler Whitesides is the story of Spencer and Daisy, two sixth graders that discover an ancient secret after Spencer starts seeing strange creatures prowling through the halls of school and the beastly janitor chasing after them. Spencer and Daisy soon become part of a magical world, complete with enchanted brooms, mops and vacuum dust. And it’s up to them to help save education from the nefarious society bent on its destruction.

This new middle grade adventure is funny, entertaining and full of engaging adventure. The fantasy is well thought out and believable. For readers mourning the end of well-loved series like “Harry Potter” and “The Lightning Thief”, this is the new magical series to get excited about and obsessed with.

Janitors is available August 2011.

To watch the super cool book trailer click here.


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