Review: Jimmy the Squirrel by Amr Taher

Jimmy the Squirrel

When I received this book for review I was impressed by the colorful and eye-catching illustrations, but unfortunately that was the best thing about this children’s book. I applaud author Amr Taher for valiantly pursuing the worthy cause of teaching children to respect the environment. However, while the concept is intriguing, the execution falls flat. The writing needs a lot of editing and polish. The length of the narrative is, in my opinion and for my children, too long and the story structure a bit messy. I also think the story takes too harsh an approach to the “human” side of the story. Overall, it lacks balance and refinement.


2 thoughts on “Review: Jimmy the Squirrel by Amr Taher

  1. it's books like these that make me think anyone out there can write a book so why haven't I? seriously, if it's so hard to get published, why are all these depressing stories and books getting printed…

  2. “Teri, thank you for the honest review. I do appreciate differences of opinion and perspective. When writing Jimmy, it was my goal to create a story that would inspire courage and creativity in problem-solving. While it was certainly not meant to be depressing, I wanted to present an opportunity for children to learn about how their actions affect the environment and then inspire them to work together to make better decisions. While it may be too lengthy for a very young child, we have found that telling an abbreviated version of the story through the pictures is a great experience. Again, I certainly appreciate your commitment to your blog and hope that others will find Jimmy the Squirrel more enjoyable.”

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