Review: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Tally is your typical almost-sixteen Ugly: filling time with frivolous tricks and impatiently waiting to turn Pretty. In her world you don’t count for anything until you are transformed by an intensive surgery that turns normal people into Pretties. But after Tally makes a new friend, Shay, everything changes and Tally has to seriously question everything she knows.

I have been meaning to read this incredibly popular book for a while and was excited to finally start it. The dystopian society, one that values physical appearance so much that they change every person into the ideal, is interesting. There are many nods to the flaws in our own society, which is an important message, but overall I did not love this book. The writing, while clever and creative, is nothing special and I didn’t find anything endearing in the characters. However, still an enjoyable read and an interesting concept.


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