Review: Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Emerson Cole, a spunky seventeen-year-old with a tragic past, sees things that no one else does: soldiers of long lost wars, Southern bells in hoop skirts, even a whole jazz trio. Emerson has no idea what these apparitions are or why she is the only one who can see them, she only wishes they would go away. In an effort to help end the madness, Thomas, her older brother, calls in yet another expert in a long line of people who have tried to help her. But, Michael, from the Hourglass is different. This tall, dark and handsome stranger, only slightly older than Emerson, believes every word about the ghosts and offers answers. The answers that will push Emerson into a turbulent world of time travel, mystery and romance.

I have to congratulate author Myra McEntire for writing a young adult novel that successfully brings together paranormal, science-fiction and romance to form one thrilling, sophisticated story. I truly enjoyed Emerson, the main character. She is tough, confidant, and no-nonsense, but still down-to-earth. McEntire’s heroine may be a teenage girl, but unlike many YA characters, I never once wanted to roll my eyes or reach into the story and slap some sense into her. Not only is the narrative smart and well-conceived, but the romance is perfectly smoldering. Young adult and adult readers will enjoy this tantalizing novel.

Content note: occasional mild foul language, very brief sexual references, and some violence.

To visit the author’s blog CLICK HERE.


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