Column: Read a classic…and like it

There are many classic novels that are an essential part of our culture and literary history. Sadly, many of them are dry, dull and difficult to get through. So if you’d like to read a classic and enjoy it check out this week’s column.

Click the link below:

Book Matters: Read a classic…and like it

What’s your favorite classic novel?

Thanks for reading!

Books in this column:


7 thoughts on “Column: Read a classic…and like it

  1. I'd like to know what other classics you'd recommend?? I've tried reading a number of them and they are SO HARD to get through. You're right on the Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird…I'd love other recommendations!

  2. Katie – Thanks for the comment. A few others: "Their Eyes Were Watching God", "Rebecca", "Fahrenheit 451", "Cry, the beloved country" and "The Old Man and the Sea". Happy reading!

  3. I love all the books you recommended, except "For Whom the Bell Tolls". I really tried to enjoy Hemingway when I was studying literature in college, but I just can't do it. Sure, I respect his talent as a writer, but I find his books soooo boring! :DI recommend something by Charles Dickens. "Tale of Two Cities", "Great Expectations", "David Copperfield", etc… Nobody weaves together plot, characters, humor, and tragedy like Dickens. Love him.

  4. I agree! It it funny how differently people can view the same book.I have a trick to appreciating Dickens, though. Watch a movie adaptation BEFORE reading the book (this trick works for a lot of classics, actually). There are some absolutely gorgeous, lush, romantic, and emotional recent adaptations of Dickens' books (Bleak House and Little Dorrit are two I'd recommend). After watching the movie, reading the book is much easier because the story and characters are so familiar that it's easier to follow along without getting lost in the thick language and complex plot.Anyway, just finished my first Sarah Addison Allen book (The Girl Who Chased the Moon) and loved it! Thanks for the tip!

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