Review: Good Catch by Tracy Ann Lord

Maddie Chilton, a middle aged PR hot shot, finds herself in a bit of mid-life crisis after her Miami firm lets her go to move up someone younger. Pushed into a cab and onto a plane by her best friend, Maddie finds herself in the obscure wilderness of Maine, at a small fishing retreat on Lake Mooselookmeguntic. Accustomed to the hustle and bustle of Miami and high-end accommodations she hardly knows what to do with herself in an old cabin with no shower, a fishing rod thrust in her hand, surrounded by strange characters and no cell phone reception. But things start looking up after she meets attractive fishing guide, Cal, and discovers an abandoned luxury retreat on the the other side of the lake.

This contemporary romance,Tracy Ann Lord’s first novel, is a pleasure to read. Every page offers laugh-out-loud humor, the exploits of quirky characters and quiet life advice. Maddie’s character is well developed and very easy to relate to. The setting – a remote lake in Maine – is idyllic and Lord expertly brings it to life on the page. For someone like me, who loves the outdoors and the mystery and allure of long forgotten places, this book is an absolute delight. Good Catch is the perfect book to sit down with, outside in a comfy lawn chair, and consume in one hilarious, sensual sitting.

Content note: occasional mild foul language, a few crass references and one descriptive sex scene (pg. 200-203).

Good Catch is now in stores or can be ordered on-line. To visit the author’s website CLICK HERE. 


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