Review: Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

Eleven year old Reuben Land, a young boy with asthma, who lives in the Midwest during the sixties, believes in miracles. Even after his older brother is arrested for shooting two other townsmen, Reuben holds onto the hope that a miracle will bring his family back together.

After Davy, the older brother, escapes from jail, Reuben, his sister and father, set out on a cross country trek to find him. Their perilous journey magnifies how family, love and faith can stand up to any enemy and face any fate.

This tale of simple love, ordinary truth and miraculous faith is beautifully written and a rich journey of adventure, coming-of-age struggles and healing. Reuben, the narrator, has a humorous and down-to-earth voice and the family’s experiences are unforgettable. Enger’s expert prose and deeply layered story make this an enjoyable read.

Content note: A handful of mild foul language and brief violence.


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