Book Hospital

In our house books get loved to death. Board books are always loosing a page or two and regular books are subject to frequent ripping. I have become an expert at using clear packing tape to put these books back together, but sometimes damaged books get forgotten about and put back on the shelf. I wanted a place to put all the “patients”, so I can fix them before the damage gets worse.

And, so I created our book hospital. I found an old paper tray hiding in the closet and put it on top of the kids’ bookshelf with a simple sign. The sign reads, “Book Hospital: Please place all book patients here and the nurse will attend to them shortly.”

Now, the kids know to drop off any ripped or damaged books here and when I find a few seconds I can give them some TLC and then return to the shelves. Hopefully, this will prolong the life of a few of our favorites.


One thought on “Book Hospital

  1. I'm assuming you've also done this with the Scholastic books, paper covers, when they get torn off? How do you manage to get them to stay on? Maybe a tutorial is in order? My youngers are rather hard on books and we are losing some books that have been through several children and it's making me sad!

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