How to make corner book marks…so easy!

I’ve been having lots of fun coming up with ideas for my December Studio 5 segment which is all about unique, fabulous gifts for the book lover (tune in December 14, 11 am, KSL-5). I saw these fun, unique corner book marks and decided to make my own. They are so simple and easy; the perfect scrap paper project.

Make them for your reader friends or yourself.

Here’s how:

Supplies: two sided scrapbook paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, exact-o-knife, glue

Step one: Create a template. On a plain piece of paper draw the template of three squares, all equal size (mine are 2.5 inches). Form an L-shape. Be sure to measure and use a ruler so everything is neat and straight.

Step Two: Divide in half, down the diagonal, the top and right side squares. Color in the top half of top square and bottom half of right side square.

Step Three: Cut out only the parts of the squares not shaded in. This is your template and can be used over and over again.

Step Four: Trace template onto two sided paper of your choice and cut out.

Step Five: Using an exact-o-knife, score (make an indent, but not cut all the way through) down the sides of each flap, from the top tip down to the opposite corner.

Step Six: Fold down flaps, glue top flap to bottom flap, so that a pocket is formed underneath. Note: When bookmark was complete I used a chalk stamp and chalked around the edges just to give it that finished look.

Step Seven: Place in book and enjoy!


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