My Literary Agent Wants to See YOUR Book

I am very pleased to announce a super-exciting writing competition. My literary agents, Fran and Jenn (or as I call them, rockstars!), of Literary Counsel in New York City, are holding a submission competition. They have asked me to take submissions from my readership, choose a winner and pass that person’s query on to them.

If you know anything about the publishing world or have experience trying to get a literary agent to promote your book with publishers, then you know it’s like climbing a mountain, in the snow, with no gear and blindfolded. Or in other words, it’s really hard! It took me 5 years to get signed with an agent. So this is a great opportunity to skip some of the slush piles and have your work put right in the hands of a legitimate agent.

How to submit:

1 – Write a stellar query letter. Queries are the key to getting in the agent-door. For this letter, give a short, but to-the-point synopsis of your book, a paragraph about why you write and a short bio. Include manuscript word count and intended audience. Letter should be 1 page only, single spaced. (copy and paste into the body of your email)

This letter is your chance to tell us your story, why you should be a writer and why the world needs to read your book. Make it memorable and professional.

2 – Include the first 10 pages of your COMPLETED manuscript (pasted into email body). Agents and publishers are only interested in manuscripts that are finished.

3 – Fiction submissions only. Middle grade, young adult or adult. Something unique, fresh and memorable.  NO die-hard science fiction, fantasy or erotica. Browse my reviews to see what I like and for more details about the kind of books Fran and Jenn represent visit

4 – Once everything is perfect, email it to me at
Remember: NO attachments, everything in the body of the email.

5 – I will take submissions until Friday, March 23, 2012.

6 – After I have read all the submissions, I’ll choose a WINNER. One query letter and 10 pages that go directly to Fran and Jenn. There is NO guarantee they will love it and sign you as a client, but they will offer valuable  feedback. This is a huge opportunity. Don’t miss out!

7 – Winner will be announced on  Friday, April 13, 2012.

If you have any questions, leave them in a comment for this post and I will respond.

Spread the word on your own blog, Facebook or Twitter! GOOD LUCK!


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