Bookstore: ReBOOK in Midway, Utah

While I was in Midway, Utah, a couple weeks ago for the For the Love of Reading Conference, I stopped at the local bookstore. I can’t resist stopping at the local bookstore everywhere I go, even after a whole weekend of books.

ReBOOK, located at 159 E Main Street, is everything a good bookstore should be: friendly service, cozy atmosphere and books piled everywhere.

First I stopped across the street at this very hip coffee and ice cream shop for a hot beverage…

Fill Er Up Coffee Station, super quirky-cool

ReBOOK store, converted from an old home

As soon as I walked in I new I’d found a good bookstore. I was immediately greeted by Judith Griffin, the friendly owner, who gave me a quick tour of their various rooms. I spent a long time wandering from room to room, sipping hot chocolate, and browsing their great selection.

A fireplace and table. How cool is it that there is a fireplace. Can’t see in picture, but it was on when I walked in.

ReBOOK specializes in new and recycled books, ensuring that books are read instead of sent to a landfill. A worthy cause if I ever heard one. The prices are great as well, each book spine marked with a colored sticker indicating the price point.

If you are in the area be sure to drop in and see Judith and her “funky” little store.

Also check out the ReBOOK Facebook Page.

The cookbook and craft book room in the old kitchen.

Children’s Books Room

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