We Read 100 Books…sort of…

A few weeks ago, for my KSL column, I wrote about a local mom who did a great 100 book reading challenge with her young kids. The mom in the article, Cyndi, read all 100 books with her 5 and 2 year old in just seven days. Yes – wow!

I was inspired to do my own reading challenge with our kids and wondered if we could be as successful. Knowing my crazy kids, I had my doubts.

I gathered all (or most anyway) of the kids’ books and stacked them by the fireplace. There were 108 books in our stack.

My three kids, ages 6, 4 and 2, thought the stack was totally awesome and were excited to get reading. The goal was to take books from the top of the stack, read together and then put them back on the bookshelf until the shelf was once again full and the stack gone.

I knew the challenge wouldn’t really be reading all the books, it would be keeping the books in a stack. My kids are not good at leaving anything alone, especially not a tempting, teetering stack of books. I’m not sure if Cyndi had this problem, but sure enough after less than a day our stack looked like this…

I would build it back up again, neat and tall, and then within hours, sometimes minutes, it would look like this again. My kids love to play with their books, use them in games, drag them all over the house and sit reading to themselves, so keeping track of what we had read, what should be in the stack or on the shelf became impossible. And I wasn’t in the least bit surprised. I went into this challenge knowing this would be the most likely outcome.
So did we read all 108 books? Who knows! I think we read most of them, but the number doesn’t really matter. What matters is we did read more and spent a little more time together. That seems like a success to me, even if a bit of a messy one.
Have you ever tried to do a reading challenge with your kids? How did it go?

6 thoughts on “We Read 100 Books…sort of…

  1. My kids did this too. I think that if the kids leave the stack alone, they aren't very interested in the books so I'd much rather have a pile than a stack. Kids don't neatly move one book after another–they're usually after the one in the middle or bottom of the stack!

  2. What a great idea! We do a lot of reading here and I think this would be a fun challenge.A tall stack of books wouldn't stand a chance in my house. Maybe I'll just throw the books all over the floor and pretend that's the way I want them. Then, my kids will be sure to stack them for me. πŸ™‚

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