Bookstore: Weller Book Works

I have been dying to go to the new Weller Book Works store at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, since it opened a few months ago. But since we live almost an hour away I had to wait until we had a reason to go downtown. A couple weekends ago I had the Children’s Literature Association of Utah Spring Banquet, so we left a little early and stopped in.

Weller’s has been a fixture in the Salt Lake book scene since 1929, but recently decided to move from their downtown location to the hip, historic Trolley Square mall. Weller’s sells new, used and rare books and their space took my breath away. They have created a seriously fabulous store (and website)!

If you live in Utah or are visiting it is so worth the trip. Go check it out!

Here are some pics…

Wall of staff recommendations
The store is huge, much bigger than I expected. And check out all the exposed brick and architecture. 
Children’s area
Awesome library ladders
Cozy chairs all over the store invite readers to sit and stay awhile (I could have stayed all night).
My favorite part of the store is how they mix vintage and used books in with the new books. Very cool.


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