Review: Olivia by Julie Wright

Four local authors, favorites with many Utah women, have created a great new series: The Newport Ladies Book Club. This four book series, each book written by a different author, follows the lives of women who come together through a book club. Each book accounts the individual struggles of one of these women. And the best part: all the books will be out by the Fall. No waiting a whole year for the next installment.

The first book in the series is OLIVIA by Julie Wright. Olivia has built her life around keeping her home clean, her meals fabulous and her children loved. Believing this to be the recipe for familial bliss, she can’t understand why her husband has grown distant and cold. Then when he misses their anniversary Olivia is forced to look at the reality of her crumbling marriage.

Seeking comfort and an escape Olivia joins a local book club. In the company of these great women she finds not only friendship, but the courage to rediscover herself and save her family.

I was immediately pulled in by Olivia’s candid voice and the very real emotions of her struggles. Most women can easily relate to her desires and troubles. Although I enjoyed Olivia, after about 70 pages I just wanted to reach into the book, give her a good shake and say, “stand up for yourself, woman!” But her battle to make things right and find herself is also what makes the book interesting. I had to see how she would finally crawl out of the pity party and find her triumphant girl power.

The book has a meaningful message about finding things to be glad about in any situation and how the little things, like a small, sincere compliment from another, can help us in hard times. That is a message we can all use. It’s also a reminder that being a mother and wife should not mean loosing our personal identities (I’m a big advocate of that!).

I also enjoyed the book discussions by the book club – I’ll have to read some of the books. As an added bonus of this series the blog has helpful book club book suggestions, ideas, recipes and more.

The other books in this great series for women:

DAISY by Josi Kilpack (May 2012)
PAIGE by Annette Lyon (August 2012)
ATHENA by Heather B. Moore (November 2012)

These books are available from Deseret Book, Seagull Book and on-line.

CLICK HERE to buy from Deseret Book.

CLICK HERE to buy from Amazon.


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