Review: The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

Willa’s family was once the elite of Walls of Water, North Carolina. Rich and prosperous, her ancestors built the finest home in town, The Blue Ridge Madam. But when the family met financial ruin, the house fell into disrepair and out of the Jackson’s possession.

Now as a thirty-year-old adult, Willa has moved back to town and watches from a distance as her old classmate, socialite Paxton Osgood, restores the grand home to its former glory. But when a skeleton is unearthed beneath the property’s one peach tree, Willa and Paxton are thrown into a mystery of the past that involves both their families.

You can always count on Sarah Addison Allen to deliver an enjoyable, magical read. Of her current four books, however, this one is my least favorite. Of course, it could just be because I was trying to read it at a time when I have way too much going on, but I didn’t ever get pulled into the story. The plot feels a little too predictable and the characters slightly superficial, but the writing is beautiful.

Overall, an easy, light read.

Content Note: A few mild swear words, otherwise – clean.

To buy the book from your local independent bookstore CLICK HERE.

To buy the book from Amazon CLICK HERE.


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