My Publisher Can Read My Mind

It’s been twenty-two days since I signed my first book contract with Jolly Fish Press, a brand new publisher, based here in Utah. In these last weeks I have been truly amazed at how awesome they are. Not only is everyone enthusiastic, professional and great to work with, but we have our own authors group on Facebook where vast knowledge is dispensed and we all went around liking and following each other’s social media sights.

I didn’t just get a book contract, I got a whole new, cool community of writers and book people.

The day they chose for my launch just further affirms their brilliance.

The witchcraft in my book is based on natural magic and Wiccan/Pagan traditions. Jolly Fish, completely understanding my fantasy world, decided to release the book one year from today, June 22, 2013, on the summer solstice or as witches call it, Litha, a time of celebration rooted in ancient traditions.

When I got the news I just started laughing. It’s perfect! It’s like they read my mind.

So mark your calendars ’cause on the summer solstice 2013 the witches arrive! Ahhh, I can’t wait!

Thanks Jolly Fish Press superstars! (PS – Sorry for all the exclamation points!!!)


8 thoughts on “My Publisher Can Read My Mind

  1. I couldn't agree more! I've loved connecting with my fellow publisher siblings :)My release month – October! What better for a Halloween-ish MG! It was as if they read my mind as well!

  2. Very cool! I look forward to seeing your cover. I have to say, Jolly Fish Press has three very nice covers right now – especially their MG novel (I write MG so I really love MG book covers 🙂 ).Congratulations on the upcoming books!

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