Moonlight Monday: Which Gift of the Magic Do You Want?

Say hello to a new post series dedicated to Blood Moon my debut novel which will be released June 22, 2013. Every month until then, on the first Monday, I will post about the book. Every Moonlight Monday will give insight into my world of witches and give sneak peaks into the book. So let’s get going!

Today it’s all about the Magic. The magic in my trilogy is based on natural magic – the magic of the earth – but I have made it all my own. This is the kind of magic I would want to have if such a thing were actually possible.

There are Six Gifts of the Magic and each witch can only have one. Each gift has different powers and abilities and a witch is born with her or his Gift. Four of the Gifts are rooted in the elements and two are psychic. All together they make a perfect magical whole.


Gift of Earth
Earth witches have the power to work with animals, herbs, plants, and the earth itself. Example: An Earth can grow moonflowers right out of the ground with just a wave of the hand. These witches have nurturing personalities. The color that represents this gift is green.

Gift of Air
Air witches can manipulate air and wind, recover lost items, travel easily and are usually very smart. Airs love to sing. Example: An Air would sing a spell to help her find her lost car keys. The Gift of Air color is yellow.

Gift of Fire
Fire Gifts can create and manipulate fire. They are proficient at either creating or destroying things. Fires are very passionate, emotional and can have bad tempers. Example: A Fire is annoyed with another witch who won’t stop talking. He causally flicks his wrist and the man’s shoe lights on fire. The color is red.

Gift of Water
Waters can manipulate water in all forms. They have a talent for potions, healing, physic abilities and scrying (seeing things in the past or future). They are loving and calm. Example: A Water gazes into a bowl of water and sees herself in the future, meeting the man of her dreams. The color is blue.

Gift of Mind
Witches with the Gift of Mind can sense others’ emotions, read their intentions and sometimes even hear thoughts. They are smart and logical, but also very sympathetic. The main guy-witch in my book, Simon, is a Mind, but with a twist. The color for Minds is purple. This is a rare gift.

Gift of Dreams
Dreamers have unique, powerful dreams sent to them by the Otherworld in which the past, present and future are revealed. Because this Gift is connected to the Otherworld, a few rare witches, like my main character Willa, also see ghosts. The color is white and this is also a very rare Gift.

So there you have it – The Six Gifts. I think if I were a witch I’d like to have the Gift of Dreams. Dreams have always fascinated me and think of how much you could learn talking to ghosts ๐Ÿ™‚



4 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday: Which Gift of the Magic Do You Want?

  1. I love the way you've created this world of witches based on the four elements, then adding the emotional part in the Mind, and a sort of psychic part in the Dreams gifts. Very cool. Can't wait to read!

  2. Cool world building! I like the gift of air a lot, but yeah I think I'd go with dreams, too. I'm someone who often can't remember my dreams, even when I take pains to try, so this would be a good gift for me! Sounds like an awesome read! ๐Ÿ˜€

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