Review: A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin

Violet Hayes is a proper young lady of wealthy society, but she longs for more. She dreams of experiencing mystery and romance, the kind she secretly reads about in novels. After discovering a shocking truth about her mother, Violet manipulates her way into going to Chicago to track down the woman she thought she’d never see again.

Her grandmother and three quirky sisters open their home to Violet and each decide it’s their duty to help Violet find herself and love. From the thrills of the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 to the slums of the bustling city, Violet’s journey will not only help her uncover secrets of the past, but reveal who she is meant to be and the man she will spend her life with.

A Proper Pursuit by award-winning author Lynn Austin is a light, easy read. Violet’s self-discovery journey takes many turns and around every corner there waits a different man, eager to win her heart. The history of the Fair and description of life in Chicago around turn-of-the-century is very interesting. Although, Violet’s constant indecision often made me roll my eyes, this is still a fun, clean romance.

Content Note: CLEAN

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13 thoughts on “Review: A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin

  1. I actually started reading this book a long long time ago and never finished. I was thinking about how I needed to go back. I didn't stop because it was bad, I think at that time I was moving and lost the book for a while.

  2. While I'm not usually one for romance, I saw this awhile ago and wanted to pick it up. I didn't, though I kind of think I should now. 😀 (BTW, I love your blog design. I've always liked typewriters, for some reason.)I don't know if you've ever been nominated for Liebster award, but I have to nominate someone and you haven't been nominated this month. So sorry if you have before, if not then… okay. For more info, come hither:

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