Bookstore: Dog Eared Books, Afton, Wyoming

For me, a trip isn’t complete until we visit a local bookstore. A couple weeks ago our family drove up to Teton National Park for a camping trip. We visited Yellowstone, swam in a lake, laughed around the fire and I predictably complained about sleeping in the tent. Despite my lack of outdoor-sleeping enthusiasm, the trip was lots of fun, the weather perfect and the location spectacular. We even saw a grizzly bear crossing the road and a moose couple hanging out in a farm field.

On the way home we stopped in the small town of Afton, Wyoming, for lunch (Salt River Grill – delicious) where we visited Dog Eared Books, a  quaint, adorable main-street bookstore.

Love the simple, rustic touch of these wire baskets with sale and specialty items.

Fun, colorful shelving.

Great variety and interesting displays.

We had to drag our kids out of the playful little children’s book area, but it helped that they each got to pick a new book for the rest of the drive home.
Lots of local-interest books.
You know you’ve walked into a good bookstore when the books are piled and stashed in every nook and cranny.

So if you’re ever passing through Wyoming, stop and browse.


2 thoughts on “Bookstore: Dog Eared Books, Afton, Wyoming

  1. I love Dog-Eared Books! We moved from SLC to a tiny town in Wyoming about five years ago, and one of the hardest parts for me was not being near any bookstores. Dog-Eared Books is the closest bookstore to my home, and it's 50 miles away! But we just love that bookstore. My kids and I have to stop in for a browse whenever we drive up to Afton. Thanks for featuring it here!

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