Studio 5: Clean Romance Reads

Unlike movies and television shows there is no content rating system for books. The pages may contain sex, violence and foul language or be perfectly clean; it’s a gamble. If you are content conscious, it is especially risky to pick up a book about romance or love.
But who doesn’t enjoy the smolder, intrigue and sigh-worthy romance of a well-crafted love story? So if you want all the good stuff of a romantic read without worrying about content, look no further than this list of favorite clean romances. All of these books are free of graphic/descriptive sex scenes (in a few of the books sex occurs, but is only mildly described or happens “off- stage”) and contain no or only small amounts of foul language and violence.
Happy romantic reading!

4 thoughts on “Studio 5: Clean Romance Reads

  1. I just finished "The Girl Who Chased the Moon," and I think I'd disagree with labeling it as a "clean" romantic read. I guess it's all in how you define "clean," and I know you said that in these books any sexual scenes were only "mildly described," but for me, "clean" means no bedroom scenes between an unmarried couple (which this book had). And not only that, but in this book, their intimacy is viewed as a wonderful thing, a positive step forward in their relationship, and for me, it really tarnished both of their characters. Maybe it seems like I'm being a little prudish…I'm not saying that this kind of book shouldn't be recommended, just that the label "clean" might be a little misleading as there were a couple of intimate scenes (one of which is descriptive) and many sexual innuendos throughout. Just my own perspective!

  2. I know…I'm sure that's one of the hard things about creating any kind of list of recommendations: there will always be naysayers on either side! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My Name is Dallacey E Green. I write clean romance novels. My novels fall into the description you gave, they are “free of graphic/descriptive sex scenes and contain no…foul language and violence.” I have published four novels, all of which are sold on amazon. My novels are very romantic, sweat, funny and have a fresh approach to romance. I would love for you to read and review at least one of my novels. Here are the tittles of my novels, Alone In My Memories, For A Lifetime, Is It Worth It and Second Best.

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