Review: Big in Japan by Jennifer Griffith

BIG IN JAPAN by Jennifer Griffith
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Buck Cooper is a six-foot-six, obese Texan who has spent his life as the butt of everyone’s jokes. All he’s ever wanted is to fit in and find love, but he struggles with both. Until fate takes him to Japan, the land of Sumo. In a country where being big can bring fortune and fame, opportunity finally comes knocking for Buck when he is thrown into the ring. But life in Sumo is anything but easy and he has to risk everything, even his life, to reach out and tackle the dreams he always wanted.

Let’s just take a moment to marvel at the glory that is the premise for this book…. Because it’s as awesome as it sounds. I loved every second of this story that takes the reader from a stuffy cubicle in Texas to the excitement of the Sumo ring to the dangerous Sumo underbelly to a first kiss in a garden. I laughed out loud many times, but also found great insight and depth. Buck, the main character is incredibly endearing with a genuine sense of humor, unfailing integrity and real struggles.

Buck may be an unlikely hero, but his story, including his love story, is expertly crafted by Jennifer Griffith, my fellow Jolly Fish Press author. Readers will never forget Buck Cooper. Not only are the characters fabulous, but the atmosphere so alive. Jennifer takes the reader to the streets of Japan: the smells, the sights, the food, the people and immerses you in the precarious world of Sumo, something most of us know very little about.

Read it ASAP!

Content note: some mild violence (hazing, fighting), but otherwise CLEAN

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