Review: The Housekeeper’s Son by Christopher Loke

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Dust jacket summary:
When 72-year-old housekeeper, Eleanor Ethel Rose, is found with a bloody knife in her hand beside the dead body of Katherine Cunningham, her employer’s 12-year-old daughter, she quickly admits to the crime and surrenders herself, pleading guilty before her trial even begins. But to Victor Lee, a young and ambitious journalist who is assigned to cover the story, there is more to Eleanor’s confession.

Through his interviews with Eleanor within the confines of the penitentiary’s visiting hall, Victor pushes for the truth and finds himself drawn into her world where the line between right and wrong blur – nothing is what it seems. What he discovers is a secret that, if revealed, will not only explain Katherine’s death, it will also challenge the moral obligation of every mother to her child.

It is a secret that started forty-two years ago on the night Eleanor took the life of her only son.

My review:
Christopher Loke , executive editor of Jolly Fish Press and debut novelist, has an incredible gift for words. His writing is replete with stunning descriptions, intricate emotional turmoil and surprising turns of events. This novel is, honestly, unlike anything I have ever read. Not only does the story dare to go deep, but the reader is swept along in a riveting journey that is impossible to turn away from.

Eleanor’s story is so complex and she an intricate, unforgettable character. A bizarrely beautiful book that will fascinate and thrill readers. Put it on your TBR list!

CONTENT NOTE: This story deals with several serious issues like murder, child abuse, incest, suicide, and homosexuality. Although none of these are described in detail and are handled delicately, they are part of the book. Also a few uses of mild foul language. 

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