Moonlight Monday: How to Talk Like a Witch


Since yesterday was a holiday Moonight Monday gets bumped to Tuesday this time 🙂

Today I’m dishing about the Moonlight Witches’ lingo, how they talk. After all, every cool group has their own expressions and inside-talk.


“HOLY MOON!” – An expression of shock, surprise, or anger much like “holy cow, holy crap.”

“HOLY MOTHER MOON!” – An exaggerated version of “holy moon.”

“SUN AND MOON!” – Another expression used in shock, surprise, annoyance, relief, etc. much like “oh my gosh.


“LIGHT WITCH” – A witch that follows a path of goodness. The good guys.

“DARK WITCH” – A witch that follows of path of badness. The bad guys.

“TRUE COVEN” A coven of either all female or all male with six witches, all with one of the Six Gifts of the Magic.

“A COVENANT” – The joining of two True Covens – one male, one female – forms a Covenant, a very powerful magical circle.

“LUMINARY” – The leader of a Covenant.

“IGNORANT” – A regular person who doesn’t know the Magic exists.

“UNDISCOVERED” – A person with the Magic inside him or her, but don’t yet know they are a witch.

“OTHERWORLD” – The world beyond our own. The place of dreams, ghosts, the dead and the unknown.
“THE SIX GIFTS” – The Gifts or powers given to witches. Each with is born with hos or her own Gift. For more about the Six Gifts CLICK HERE.
Holy moon! Now you know them all and will be extra prepared when you read Blood Moon when it is released June 22, 2013.

And now if I use them on Twitter or Facebook or blog posts you’ll know I haven’t lost my mind – I’m just talkin’ like a witch.


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