More big, Huge, COLOSSAL News

In the five years it took me to land my dream book deal, I wrote more than one book. I believe in back-up plans.

Blood Moon, the first book in the Moonlight Trilogy for young adults and witch fans, acquired by Jolly Fish Press, to be released June 22, 2013, was the second book I wrote. The third book, which I wrote while Blood Moon was on submission, is A Painted Life.

A Painted Life, literary fiction, is very dear to my heart and when I learned that my match-made-in-heaven publisher wanted it as well as my trilogy, I think my heart stopped. I swear I have died and gone to author’s heaven!

A Painted Life is slated for release fall 2014.

Saffron is a painting. Brought to life, unknowingly, by the hand of the artist, she is color on canvas, but she is also so much more. From her prim white chair, surrounded by sunflowers, pretty Saffron watches the world move beyond the edges of her silver frame.
At the beginning it is only her eyes that can move, but as her story progresses so do her abilities. A finger that twitches, tears that stream down her canvas, her heart suddenly bursting into rhythm. These miraculous, but confusing changes bring thoughts of life beyond her frame. Thoughts that over time become more of a torture than a pleasure.
As mysterious as her ability to be alive, is the way her various owners talk about her, the way they look at her. Especially the way Mr. Emmett Charles looks at her. This handsome, complicated stranger, a cotton mill owner and an elite of late nineteenth century Boston society, looks at her with a layered sadness that only makes her wish for more things she cannot possibly have or become.
Saffron tries to resolve herself to life as a painting. But what happens when a dream won’t die? She wants more, but can she dare to reach for a real life beyond her frame, a life with Emmett?
Brimming with blissful romance, intriguing magic realism and curious mystery, A Painted Life, is a refreshingly unique novel about reaching beyond our frames and having the endurance to follow a dream.

For more about this beautiful story that I can’t wait for you to read, click the link below to read the official press release.

Jolly Fish Press Acquires Teri Harman’s A Painted Life 

A huge thank you to Christopher Loke, my editor, for reading it and loving it and also to Kirk Cunningham, my publicist for writing a press release that made me cry and for loving the book.

Another big thank you to my agents Fran and Jenn, who also love the book, and have believed in me from the start.


14 thoughts on “More big, Huge, COLOSSAL News

  1. WOW Teri…this sounds sooooo intriguing!! I mean, I'm all for your witches book (even though they've always scared me: I blame Roald Dahl and the movie "Hocus Pocus" for that), but THIS book looks right up my alley! I wish it were coming out today!! Nicely done!

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