Guest Author! Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling

Angela Corbett Interview by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman
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Today I’m happy to have Utah author Angela Corbett here to talk about her new adult book, Eternal Starling (CLICK on the title for my full review.) It’s a story of eternal love, soul mates and the danger of both. 
Let’s get started!
TERI: New Adult is an emerging genre. What do you think it offers readers? Why do you enjoy writing it?

ANGELA: I love reading and writing New Adult because so much change happens in a person’s life from age 18-28. I really enjoy being part of a character’s journey as they experience so many new things, and begin to find out who they want to be. I think the New Adult genre offers readers the opportunity to connect with books they might have dismissed in the past because those books were classified as Adult.

TERI: Manuscripts with college age characters are notoriously hard to query.  What was your experience?

ANGELA: When I started querying Eternal Starling, the New Adult genre didn’t exist yet. Agents told me the market for books with college age characters wasn’t large enough. They advised me to revise Eternal Starling and put my characters in high school. I tried to do that, but it didn’t work for the story I wanted to tell. By that point, the New Adult genre was just starting to gain recognition. I decided to query small publishers instead of agents, and had success there. Small publishers have really embraced the New Adult genre.

TERI: Where did you get the original idea for Eternal Starling?

ANGELA:  I knew I wanted to write an eternal love story, but I wanted to create my own mythology and make it different from anything I’d read before. I saw a TV show about reincarnation and realized it would be perfect for the love story I wanted to write. Then one day I was in my car and heard Gavin Rossdale’s song, “Love Remains the Same” on the radio. Everything fell into place in my head and I started writing Eternal Starling that night!

TERI: Evie’s car, a classic Mustang, and all the cars in the book are seriously cool. Do you own a classic car?

ANGELA: Yes! Evie’s car is based on the 1966 Mustang I bought in high school and still own.
TERI: When does book 2 come out?

ANGELA:  I don’t have a release date yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post about it on Facebook, Twitter and my blog.

TERI: Are there any other NA books you would recommend to readers?

ANGELA: A lot of books with characters age 18-28 are still classified as young adult or adult. A few of my favorites are: the Study Series, by Maria V. Snyder; Graceling, by Kristin Cashore; and the Tiger’s Curse series, by Colleen Houck.

TERI: Where can readers find you on-line?

Twitter: @AngCorbett

Thanks so much, Angela! Best of luck with your series.


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