Books I’d Save in a Fire, Video

Video: Books I’d Save in a Fire by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman, #amreading, #BookStories

Books, as objects, often have their own stories. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I looked at my shelf and started to wonder what books I’m most thankful for, which ones mean the most.

Although most of my books have a story behind them, here are a few of the most valuable to me, the most sentimental stories.

These are the books I’d grab before fleeing my burning house, including the one that inspired the design of my wedding dress.

I’d love to hear your book stories. Share one or two in a comment.

Video made possible by the skills of my brother, John Bills, filmmaker. 


4 thoughts on “Books I’d Save in a Fire, Video

  1. Great video post! (And awesome book choices!)There are so many great books, but if I had to save only a few… Hamlet, Jane Eyre, and a few of those "You're the best daughter" books that were given to me. Pride and Prejudice. I have a copy of "An If for Girls" that was Grandma's when she was a teen, that she gave me to me that would have to go. Great post. Definitely gives you things to think about!

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