Guest Author! Karey White, For What It’s Worth

Interview with Author Karey White by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman

Today I am so pleased to have the sweet and lovely Karey White here to talk about her fabulous new book, For What It’s Worth. To read my full review of the book, CLICK HERE.
For What It’s Worth is the story of Abby Benson, wedding cake maker extraordinaire. After inheriting a home and some money from a favorite aunt, Abby opens her own cake shop with the help of handsome contractor, Dane.
Abby decides to allow customers to pay what they think their cake is worth. Because of her unusual pricing, Abby and her cakes are catapulted into fame and success. But fame often comes with a price and Abby must decide what the things in her own life are truly worth.
TERI: Hi, Karey! Thanks for stopping by. Here we go… 

The cake making, decorating scenes and descriptions in the book are very detailed. What research did you do?

KAREY: I owned my own wedding cake bakery for about a dozen years. Many of the experiences Abby has are similar to some of my own. I taught myself how to make wedding cakes and made elaborate cakes for family members to practice. After several years of practicing, I did my first wedding cake. It was for a cousin who was getting married and the cake was her wedding present.

TERI: How fun! So where exactly did the idea for For What It’s Worth come from?

KAREY:  I had delivered a wedding cake to a beautiful candy-themed wedding. Colorful candy in pretty glass jars decorated the tables. The wedding cake was a pretty, whimsical and colorful cake and I was excited to deliver it. When I’d finished setting up the cake, the mother of the bride came up to me and said she loved it. Then she said she couldn’t believe what a good deal it was. It made me wonder what she would have been willing to pay. That was the seed that grew into the book.

Your book is a clean romance (no sex or foul language). Someone once told me that you can’t have a truly romantic book without sex. What would you say back?

KAREY: I’d respectfully say that person doesn’t understand what romance is. To me, romance is about the surprise and excitement of finding someone who not only makes your heart race and gives you butterflies, but also understands you and cares about you. Romance includes some chemistry but it isn’t just a chemical reaction. It’s an emotional reaction.

TERI: Agreed! Since the book has a lot of cake and treats in it (made me so hungry while reading it!) tell us what your favorite delicious indulgences are?

KAREY: This is such a hard question because there are so many delicious things. If we’re talking homemade treats, I’d have to say seven-layer bars or chocolate chip cookie pie. If we’re talking cold treats, it would have to be rocky road ice cream. And if we’re talking candy, See’s is by far my favorite.

TERI: I know you love books and are an avid reader, so share with us a few of your favorite reads. 

KAREY: East of Eden by John Steinbeck (life changing), Spring Came On Forever by Bess Streeter Aldrich (tragic and romantic), and more recently On Little Wings by Regina Sirois (beautiful writing).

TERI: I adored On Little Wings as well, but haven’t read the other two. Adding to my list!

Where can readers find you on-line?



TERI: Thanks so much, Karey! And best of luck with the book.

KAREY: Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the book and hope other readers will as well.

Join Karey White for a night of cake! 
Launch Party – Wednesday, Dec. 5, 6 pm, The King’s English Bookshop.


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