Review: On the Edge of Twilight by Gregory Miller

Book Review of On the Edge of Twilight: 22 Tales to Follow You Home by Gregory Miller, illustrations by John Randall York 
by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman #bookreview #amreading
Goodreads Summary
Gregory Miller writes: “…time fades old frights.” 

A clever line yet not quite true, if one is to believe these stories, many of which feature the departed and their undiminished entanglement with the living. Miller walks an undulating line between the creepy and nostalgic, the macabre and sweet, the malevolent and innocent – a provocative blend that leaves the reader wistful for many who have passed, but also relieved to leave some of the more vindictive spirits behind. In short, this collection, his third, is a tapestry of diverse tales that resonate in surprising and unusual ways.

My Review
I agree wholeheartedly with the description above. This collection of stories, while creepy and sometimes terrifying, also achieves a surprising, and often touching, depth. There are so many bright, human moments, filled with rich emotions and beautiful writing, that I hated to put this book down.

Author Gregory Miller has a gift, not only with words, but with imagination and story. I highly recommend this book! 

I also enjoyed Miller’s last collection of short stories, The Uncanny Valley: Tales From a Lost Town, and am so glad he sent me this one. Both are wonderful! And I can’t wait to read his upcoming novel, Darkness in the Valley, a prequel to The Uncanny Valley

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CONTENT NOTE: A few uses of foul languageincluding one F-word and some mild violence.


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