Moonlight Monday: Sunrise, Bells, Fire and Christmas for Witches

Moonlight Monday: Sunrise, Bells, Fire and Christmas for Witches by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman, #BloodMoon

Isn’t it fascinating how each culture, each society and even each family find their own way to celebrate the important times of year? In my research for BLOOD MOON, I learned a lot about how witches, Wiccan and natural magicians celebrate holidays.

In the opening chapter of BLOOD MOON, a young witch is the victim of a terrible spell. As she lays in chains, awaiting the final words of the Dark chant, and most likely her death, she remembers a day from her youth – the winter solstice (December 21), or as witches call it, YULE. 

For this scene I took the traditional rituals of YULE and tweaked them, creating a special ritual unique to the Moonlight Witches. Here are some of the details:

On YULE, the witches rise just before dawn and light a fire in the fireplace. 

The fire represents the returning sun, the longer days ahead.

Special bells are rung just as the sun rises over the snow-sleepy earth. The bells call to the Powers of the Earth and ask for good protection, magic through the cold months.

At Yule, witches remember and honor that death is not an end, but a rebirth.

Traditions make the holidays memorable. From my childhood, I loved trekking out into the woods on a hunt for the perfect tree, the hum of our mechanical ornaments, performing the nativity play, and waking up Christmas morning to open my stocking and sit by the tree to marvel at the ring of presents.

As a parent, I love soaking up the enthusiasm of my children for decorating the house, their eyes wide at the sight of Christmas light displays and their nearly unbearable anticipation for the big day.

What are YOUR favorite holiday traditions?



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