3 New BabyLit Books to Drool Over

3 New BabyLit Books by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman, #boardbooks, #BabyLit

If you follow this blog at all or watch my Studio 5 segments, then you know I am slightly obsessed with the board book series called BabyLit by author Jennifer Adams and illustrator Alison Oliver.These brilliant adaptations of literary classics into books for babies and kids are drool-worthy adorable.

Three new additions to the series are about to be released and the publisher, Gibbs-Smith, gave me a sneak peak.

Moby-Dick: An Ocean Primer
This is the perfect BabyLit book to give little boys. Alison Oliver’s fun illustrations – all blue, orange and white – show little ones the magical things about the ocean. Waves, gulls, sailors, stars, etc. Plus, as always,  direct quotes from the classic novel.
Wuthering Heights: A Weather Primer
This may be my favorite of the the three, although it’s really hard to pick. Each page illustrates a different type of weather – sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, etc – with a matching quote from the novel. I love the big, twisted tree in each picture that changes with the weather and the colors Alison used.

Sense & Sensibility: An Opposites Primer
Another fun Jane Austen adaptation. I think my favorite page in this opposites book is the happy-sad one that is a picture of Willoughby laughing and Colonel Brandon crying. So funny!

For more fun BabyLit products including prints and totes, visit babylit.com.


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