The Perils of Living With a Writer

To all those patient and loving spouses, children, family and friends of writer and authors – I salute you! Does any of this sound familiar?

1. On more than one occasion (and more often than the writer will admit to), you’ll come home to a chaotic mess and no dinner because the words were calling.

2. At least one wall in your house will be turned into a “crazy person wall.” You know, what I mean – how the serial killer or stalker always has a wall with pictures and red string. Yeah – a crazy person wall. Or in other words, your writer’s brain spilling out all over the place.

3. You will be ignored while your writer is lost deep inside the world of imaginary friends, either her own or the ones in books.

4. You will be the target of all frustration that these imaginary people cause your writer and forced to sit through plot discussions, a hostage to your writer’s mind and mood swings.

5. You will be poor because your writer cannot stop buying books.

6. In the event of an earthquake, you may be crushed by the precariously stacked piles of these books.

7. Automatically, whether you are a reader or not, you will be forced to read countless terrible first drafts and desperately find a way to offer constructive criticism.

8. Vacations will include visits to every bookstore and library along the way. Remember to leave room in the suitcases for all the books that she’ll buy.

9. You’ll be forced to defend your writer’s strange habit of missing family dinners and events because she is holed up somewhere with her imaginary friends.

10.  Writers put in a lot of time writing and reading without getting paid – sometimes for years – until, maybe, just maybe, a royalty check actually shows up. And when it does, it still won’t cover that book habit, but you’ll both be sooo happy ๐Ÿ™‚

My poor, wonderful husband!

What would be on your list – either as a writer or a loved one?


6 thoughts on “The Perils of Living With a Writer

  1. My poor husband has to endure hearing about conversations I had with my imaginary friends. He says, "bought another book?" In the most non-judgmental way and enables the habit by buying them for me! Nice guy.

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