Review: Mercury: A Graphic Novel by Hope Larson

Book Review of Mercury by Hope Larson by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman

Goodreads Summary
August 31, 5:15 PM, French Hill, Nova Scotia: A girl named Tara is running. She runs through her nice neighborhood and up a road to the burned ruins of what was once a beautiful house–her family’s house. August 31, 1859, French Hill, Nova Scotia: A girl named Josey is picking blackberries with her friend Connie. As the girls gossip, a handsome stranger knocks on the door of Josey’s house. His name is Asa, and with his coming, Josey’s life–and later in time, Tara’s as well–is about to change forever.

Because there is treasure in the woods that belong to Josey’s family. Gold–an untold fortune. Asa has a secret way of finding it, and his partnership with Josey’s father could make them all rich. But there is darkness in the woods, and in Asa. And in the present day, Tara, Josey’s descendent, is about to discover the truth about what really happened in the family’s past.

Eisner award winner Hope Larson weaves together history, romance, and a touch of her trademark magical realism in this remarkable graphic novel of how the past haunts a teenage girl’s present.

My Review:
After reading Hope Larson‘s amazing graphic novel adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, I knew I wanted to read her original work. I really enjoy the dynamic reading experience that her books offer – illustrations and text combined to tell the story.  Mercury is a graphic novel for young adults and a fun, fast read. It only took me a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon. 

The illustrations flip-flop between black-on-white and white-on-black as the narrative switches between past and present. I love her illustrations and the clever ways she tells the story through them. The story and history involved is interesting, but I do wish there had been just a little more – it seemed to end too quickly. 

A great, fun, quick read!

Content note: Clean


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