You Know You’re a Writer-Mom If…

photo 2 (33)Each day I write with the “help” of three young kids, ages 6, 4, and 2. So for all you other writer-moms out there, does any of this sound familiar??

YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WRITER MOM IF…. by Teri Harman, @TeriHarman

– There are dishes in your sink and several loads of unfolded laundry in baskets at this moment.

photo (40)

– Your children can work Netflix all by themselves.

– Your 4 year old son, while offering family prayer says, “Please bless Mommy to get her writing done and make lots of money.”

– You often have to stop writing blissful romantic scenes or critical action scenes to change a gag-worthy diaper.

– You write whenever, wherever, however and under any circumstance – which is usually chaos, noise and interruptions – because otherwise the page would remain blank.

photo (47)

– Your desk is littered with coloring pages completed by little artists (an activity you handed them to keep them busy so you could write).

– Your writing binder (for writing notes) is covered in My Little Pony and Avengers stickers.

– Your children know the names of all your characters and may possibly believe they are real people because you talk about them so often.

– If you leave your work in progress document opened you find little messages typed in by a cute 6 year old.

Teri iphone 3-2012 914

– When you tweet the hash tag #amwriting it really means “am doing a hundred things at once, but trying to write and may get a few words on the page in between all the demands, whining, fighting and cleaning.”

– You are always exhausted.

– Many epic messes happen while you are in the other room lost in a make-believe world, like gold fish crackers all over the kitchen or a gallon of orange juice spilled and then attempted to be cleaned up with a whole package of baby wipes.

Teri iphone 3-2012 242

– Dinner is that thing that lingers in the back of your mind all day, taunting, but you ignore it until the very last possible moment. And then everyone eats cereal.

– You drag yourself away from writing to play Legos, shoot a ball, read a book or go to the park because an adorable little face with round eyes stands by the side of your desk begging. There’s no way to say no.

A high-five to all my fellow writer-moms!

Writer-moms – what would be on your list??

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10 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer-Mom If…

  1. Teri! I fell off the blogging world for a bit thanks to morning sickness. I have missed reading your blog. I love this post more than you know…. but your laundry pile is much too small 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Angie! I sympathize with the morning sickness! I had it all nine months, all day long, with all three kids. Ugh. Good luck!

      And there were probably two more loads in the washer and dryer 🙂

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