No Cure for Book-launch-itis


Remember senor-itis in high school and college? Remember the itchy anticipation of being DONE, the incurable lackadaisical attitude toward homework, studying or work of any kind, the daydreaming of life AFTER?? Well, I’m currently experiencing debut-novel-launch-itis. And, it’s officially worse!

It’s so close now and there’s sooo much to do and yet I feel no inclination to get any of it done. HA! I just want it to come and for the new phase of having my book out in the world to begin. The anticipation is killing me and also killing my discipline.

Like senoritis, there seems to be no cure for this sudden lack of discipline to complete my to-do list that could easily fell an elephant. Of course, it doesn’t help that the Universe has decided to throw an arsenal of distractions at me, such as my husband traveling every week for the last couple months, potty training, the weeds in our yard suddenly vying for world dominance,  garden to plant, a pipe breaking in our basement and requiring walls, ceiling and carpet to be ripped out and replaced, soccer games, dance recitals, family parties, and on and on. When it rains, it turns into a hurricane.


If you look close, I’m spinning somewhere near the middle…

I know, somehow and most likely frantically, I’ll get everything done, just like I did as a senior. And that when the BIG DAY finally gets here it will be as awesome as I’ve imagined. Until then, please send lots of hard-working, discipline-like-steel vibes my way!

What do you do when you can’t focus or can’t seem to find the disciple to get things done? Any advice to cure my -itis??


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