Guest Author! Terron James on Epic Fantasy


Today I’m pleased to welcome fantasy author and fellow Jolly Press Press author, Terron James. Terron’s exciting new high fantasy novel, INSIGHT, the first in a series, hits stores June 1. CLICK HERE, for my review.

INSIGHT is the story of seventeen-year-old Lon who discovers he has a rare and powerful gift. As the first wielder of the True Sight in over 1000 years, Lon has no idea how to control the power. Worse still, in order to save his own life and learn to use his Sight, the young man must risk everything including his family and the woman he loves.

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I asked Terron to tell us about the books that have most influenced his writing, the stories that have helped him along the road to publication.

Take it away, Terron!


Terron James

cover_The-Lord-of-the-RingsFirst and foremost, the most influential novel I’ve ever read is The Lord of the Rings. I suppose I should say novels, shouldn’t I? Tolkien’s ability to create and layout a world in front of his readers was astounding. So detailed, in fact, that I found myself wanting to annotate in the margins. His careful attention to detail stuck with me as I began my own writing career.

Eragon_book_coverMy next inspiration would be The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon). This is a story about a boy who bonds with an intelligent dragon. They communicate telepathically and share energy to strengthen Eragon’s magical powers, all in the pursuit of dethroning the evil king/dragon rider, Galbatorix. Paolini’s magic and telepathy systems fascinated me, which is partly why I hated the movie so much (among many, MANY, other reasons). There was an entirely separate mental battle going on between Eragon and the shade Durza that wasn’t even touched upon in the movie. It was while reading Eragon that I finally began developing my own opinions about magic. I would say that, when reading about magic, 95% of the world reacts with a “that’s cool” response. The other 5% wants to know how it was done. I am now part of that 5%. So, if any of you want to know how to actually create a fireball, INSIGHT is the book for you!

hunger_games_coverThe third book I want to mention is The Hunger Games. As with any novel, The Hunger Games has its strengths and weaknesses, but one thing we all must agree upon is that Collins has a profound knack for progressive world building. In other words, she knows what should be explained, how, and when it’s most appropriate to the story. I never felt overwhelmed in data-dump while reading The Hunger Games, which was key for me because I was still stuck in Tolkien mode with my own writing. Suzanne helped me realize that data-dump = bad. I’ve learned to give readers more liberties with their imaginations, which is what makes books so much better than movies. With a book, we get to build the world in our heads exactly how we want it.
Feel free to stalk Terron on his social networks – he’s highly entertaining 🙂
Twitter: @terron_james
For those in Utah, plan on joining the big launch party bash on June 8, 2-5 pm, at the West Jordan Barnes & Noble. It’ll be epic!!

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