Review and GIVEAWAY: Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

Shadow of Night


Fellow witch book fans, book two of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, SHADOW OF NIGHT  is now out in paperback (Book One: A Discovery of Witches)!!

Penguin has a free copy plus a set of cool alchemical symbol buttons for my readers.

WINNER: Jill Bartholomew!!! Congrats and enjoy, Jill. Thanks for entering.

I’d also like to invite you to join Harkness and her editor Carole DeSanti, the author of The Unruly Passions of Eugénie R, for a virtual book event on BookTalk Nation on June 4th at 2pm EST.  Fans can join by phone and buy personalized copies of the book by ordering online here.


Historian Diana Bishop, descended from a line of powerful witches, and long-lived vampire Matthew Clairmont have broken the laws dividing creatures. When Diana discovered a significant alchemical manuscript in the Bodleian Library,she sparked a struggle in which she became bound to Matthew. Now the fragile coexistence of witches, daemons, vampires and humans is dangerously threatened.

Seeking safety, Diana and Matthew travel back in time to London, 1590. But they soon realise that the past may not provide a haven. Reclaiming his former identity as poet and spy for Queen Elizabeth, the vampire falls back in with a group of radicals known as the School of Night. Many are unruly daemons, the creative minds of the age, including playwright Christopher Marlowe and mathematician Thomas Harriot.

Together Matthew and Diana scour Tudor London for the elusive manuscript Ashmole 782, and search for the witch who will teach Diana how to control her remarkable powers…


Diana and Matthew are back…in time and it’s a thrilling ride. Deborah Harkness’s command of historical details, even the small ones, astounds me. She immerses the reader completely in Tudor London – somewhere I love to be. I enjoyed how she brought famous historical characters to life like Walter Raleigh from American history, Shakespeare and others.

The complex plot kept me flipping pages, wondering what would happen and how things would work out. As someone who studies witch history, these books are a wealth of knowledge and a feast of hard to find details. Harkness weaves it all together into a massive, sweeping story of danger, risk and search for power.

A great read! Pick it up for the summer.

Also, look forward to the movie of A Discovery of Witches, currently in development by Warner Brothers! Yay!


11 thoughts on “Review and GIVEAWAY: Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

  1. I am listening to the first book, A Discovery of Witches, on audiobook right now and I have to say that the narrator is fabulous! I have really enjoyed all the little details like the part where she prepared Matthew dinner and what she cooked. I have to admit that I am a foodie so that part was fun. I also like the library scenes and that she is in academia as I also am a nerd and like to study and learn.

  2. I really liked A Discovery of Witches and almost bought the sequel at Costco today. Then remembered I had to shop for Father’s Day. I’d love that free copy. Can’t wait for Blood Moon.

  3. My favorite books about witches are historical fiction ones. I have visited Salem, Massachuetts and one of my ancestors was involved in the trials! I have Discovery of Witches waiting for me on my bookshelf and it is calling to me!


  4. To be quite honest I havent read a lot of witches book so I can’t really say. Shadow of Night is one of my favorite books of all time.I enjoyed the plot twist and turn of the story, the character developments, the banter and the heated fights.
    Deborah has a uncanny ability to lured you in Matthew and Diana’s world. I love reading every minute of Shadow of night i basically savored it.

  5. Great review. I just got a copy of Discovery of Witches! I can’t wait to start reading it. And this second book looks like it’s on my reading list now too! One of my favorite “witchey” characters comes from Yasmine Galenorn’s novellas, the Chintz n’ China series starting with Ghost of a Chance, starring Emerald O’brien. Next are the Madelyn Alt books I’m currently reading – Bewitching Mysteries series, starring Maggie O’Neill & Felicity Dow.

  6. I really enjoyed a discovery of wtiches and have reread several times. At first I was thrown about the relationship between Matthew and Diana and she really irritated me about denying who she was and I am still confused as to why her aunt and her partner couldn’t help her hone some of her powers and if she could time travel back in time why didn’t she go back and talk to her parents before they were murdered and ask them some of the questions that weren’t answered

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  7. I’m late to this party, but love this series too much not to comment. To those who have not yet read this book, I will tell you that I think it has the ability to appeal to a wide variety of tastes – romance, history, fantasy. Professor Harkness leaves a trail of interesting tidbits to research for anyone so inclined – mythology, history, geography, religion, tea, wine, even religion! Virtually every name and place have relevance and a little digging will give you an even richer context.

    I’m very excited that this could make it to the big screen. I would love to see Richard Armitage cast as Matthew Clairmont – I simply can’t see anyone else in the role. You can see the crusade to have him cast here: or

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