Before You Read Black Moon – Blood Moon, book 1, Refresher

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It’s been over a year since BLOOD MOON, Moonlight Trilogy #1 was released. So I put together a little ‘cheat sheet’ to help you remember all the important stuff that happened. Breeze through these points before you read BLACK MOON and you won’t have to worry about missing a thing.



  • Willa dreams of true events and sees ghosts. She can talk to the ghosts of witches.
  • Simon senses others’ emotions and intentions. He is a True Healer, able to heal with a touch. Simon’s Gifts, his magic, are an anomaly and no one knows why he has more than one power.
  • A Covenant is the binding of two True Covens, one of six males and one of six females, each with one of the Six Gifts: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Dreams, Mind. This binding takes stewardship over the Powers of the Earth, or magic as a whole. It is the most powerful witch circle. Only one Covenant can exist at a time.
  • Willa and Simon rescued Wynter from the basement of Ruby Plate’s old home. Wynter was held there for five months by Holmes, a Dark witch and member of Archard’s covens. Archard wanted to force Wynter to join his covens so that he could bind a Covenant.
  • Archard found the grimoire of Bartholomew the Dark, the most notorious and powerful Dark witch in history. He used some of the magic to try to fight the Light witches during their two battles.
  • Archard, trapped by the Light witches during the battle at the cave, lost control of his own magic, his Fire, and the Light witches watched him burn.
  • After rescuing Wytner, Willa discovered that her mother, Sarah, knew she was a witch, but kept that knowledge a secret.
  • Solace Krance is a ghost at the Twelve Acres Museum, where Willa volunteers. Solace can’t remember her life or death and doesn’t know why her soul is trapped in the museum.
  • Willa discovered some vague references to a person named Lilly in Camille Krance’s (Solace’s mother) grimoires. Willa and Solace want to know who Lilly is and why Camille was protecting her.
  • Amelia Plate, the granddaughter of Ruby Plate, was taken and cursed by a group of Dark witches led by Archard’s grandfather, Horace. The curse left her without magic and half dead. She lived in the cave where the curse took place until she wandered for miles to find Simon as a baby still in his mother’s womb. After she touched Cynthia Howard’s belly, Amelia was finally able to die.
  • Amelia helped Willa find Simon and Wynter at the cave after Archard took them.
  • Simon, while trying to free himself and Wynter from the Dark witches’, summoned a mysterious power. The result – three dead Dark witches. He doesn’t know how he did such an awful thing.

HAPPY READING! And if you love BLACK MOON, please take a moment to write a review or star rating on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble. You are the best readers in the world! Thank you for your support.


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