Clean Romances Resource: 100’s of Love Stories to Read


Instead of just a short list of six to ten specific books, for this list I wanted to give you resources. So if you love clean romances you have a wealth of choices, a list that never really ends! These publishers and authors write clean romances and have two to several books already published. So check it out and find your next favorite love story (or stories).

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AND for even more resources and books, check out my article on this subject.

Shadow Mountain Proper Romances

A local publisher, a division of Deseret Book, Shadow Mountain publishes regular, nonreligious titles that are always clean. They have a line of books called PROPER ROMANCES (a fancy name for clean love stories). Here they are:

heart revealed

  1. “A Heart Revealed” by Josi S. Kilpack (“Lord Fenton’s Folly” out October 2015)

“A Heart Revealed” is a thoughtful, hard-to-put-down clean romance set in Regency London. Favorite local author, Josi Kilpack, takes the familiar high society story and throws in some of the unexpected. When a tragedy befalls Amber Sterlington, the Rage of the Season, she is cast out of London.

longing for home

  1. “Longing For Home” by Sarah M. Eden (“Longing for Home: Hope Springs” the sequel)

After her family suffers tragedy in Ireland’s Great Famine, Katie comes to America, to a small town in Wyoming Territory where the Irish are not well received. There amidst the violence and hatred, two men try to win her heart and she has to decide what is best for her future.


  1. “Blackmoore” by Julianne Donaldson (“Edenbrooke”)

Julianne Donaldson’s first book, EDENBROOKE, was a big bestseller, and her second is just as fabulous. Again set in Regency London, this one tells the story of Kate, a high society girl who can’t marry the man she loves. So she flees to the country and the misty, wild estate of Blackmoore where, of course, everything changes.

Bethany House Publisher

Bethany House is one of the most well known, successful publishers of Inspirational Romance (Christian based titles). They have hundreds of romance titles in all genres. Here are just a few that I’ve enjoyed. Click the link on their name above to see all books.

love unexpected

  1. “Love Unexpected” by Jody Hedlund (“The Preacher’s Bride”)

I devoured this book! Loved every minute, it’s so beautifully written and the characters so well done. I can’t wait to read all of Jody’s books. It’s 1859, Michigan, a small town on the lake. Emma and her brother are looking for work, for a way to survive when their steamboat is attacked by pirates, set ablaze and sunk. Rescued by the lighthouse keeper, Emma is stuck in the town, all their money and possessions lost. The local preacher suggests she marry the handsome lighthouse keeper, who recently lost his wife and needs help with his young son. She’s always longed for a home, but to marry a stranger?

uncertain choice

  1. “An Uncertain Choice” by Jody Hedlund

Jody has also started writing clean romances for teens, which is so great. AN UNCERTAIN CHOICE is the story of Lady Rosemarie whose parents made a promise at her birth that on her 18th birthday she’d become a nun. A month before her birthday it’s discovered that in her parents’ will there is a way out. If she can marry before she’s 18 then she escapes the vow. But when three noble, handsome knights start competing for her affection, things get complicated.


  1. “Taken” by Dee Henderson (“Unspoken”)

Most of these have been historical romances, which is the most popular form of clean romances, but this author, Dee Henderson, a NYT BS author, writes fantastic contemporary romantic suspense (and there are a TON of them). This one, TAKEN, is about a young woman who was abducted at 16 and several years later escapes her captors. She runs right to Matthew, a former cop and successful private investigator. Now, it’s his job to help her come back to the real world and protect her.

love comes softly

  1. “Love Comes Softly” by Janette Oke (“When Calls the Heart”)

Janette Oke is credited with starting the inspirational romance genre with this hugely popular book, Love Comes Softly. It’s a really sweet read, set in frontier/pioneer times about a woman whose husband dies tragically and she quickly marries another to survive. It the first book in a long series that follows the family. Janette has written many books.

nine coaches waiting

Author Mary Stewart

  1. “Nine Coaches Waiting” by Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart was the queen of romantic suspense in the 60’s and 70’s. She wrote a ton of them and her writing is so beautiful. This book is like Rebecca and Jane Eyre – just a blissful read.


Author Liz Curtis Higgs

  1. “Here Burns My Candle” by Liz Curtis Higgs (“Thorn in My Heart”)

Liz Curtis Higgs has a few historical romance series as well as a few contemporary romances. Her writing and the romance in her books are so intoxicating.

WHAT OTHER CLEAN ROMANCES HAVE YOU ENJOYED? Let’s make the resource even bigger . . .


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