Storm Moon, Moonlight #3

STORM MOON, the conclusion to the Moonlight Trilogy, out JULY 28, 2015



A betrayal. An invasion. A plan centuries old.

Two members of the Covenant are dead, the Bond broken. Archard is also dead, but only because Simon used the forbidden control of his healing powers. Willa wakes the next morning beside him. But it’s not Simon – not her soul mate and husband – it’s Bartholomew the Dark. And she has no idea.

Sarah Fairfield, Willa’s mother, watches Willa and Simon leave for a honeymoon in Europe. She feels something is wrong; the crows circle the house. But she tells herself she stopped believing in those signs a long time ago – the day she turned away from magic. The day her mother, Tara Algood, died in search of a girl Grandma Mabel dreamed about until it killed her.

How can Willa fight an enemy hidden behind Simon’s eyes? How can she discover the evil that squats inside him when Bartholomew has the ability to control her mind? How can she save Simon and herself before Bartholomew destroys everything?








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